Vision and Mission

Vision: The Group’s vision is to build a global top-class comprehensive arts and crafts cultural group.
    What we expect to see and make efforts for is to build a top- class comprehensive arts and crafts cultural group in the world. We are making the dream true step by step, as it tells that where we are heading for. The vision means that the Group will build on national arts and crafts industry to keep its leading position in China, effectively integrating resources to seek and create opportunities for development. The Group will carry out its mission of national cultural revitalization from a global perspective in an international manner, and become a first-class Chinese arts and crafts group representing china.

Mission: The Group’s mission is to spread China’s culture of arts and crafts, and share its essence and elegance with the world.
    Spreading China’s culture of arts and crafts and sharing its essence with the whole world is the Group’s core mission, reflecting why and for whom the Group exists. Chinese culture is considered as a ‘business card’ of the nation, and arts and crafts are its key part. The Group has been dedicated to communicating the culture of Chinese arts and crafts by sharing its outcomes with the world and sharing the Group’s duties and responsibilities with the public. It is a solemn commitment to state interests.