Talent strategic

    Talent is the foundation of the enterprise development, therefore, the strategy of revitalizing enterprise through talent must be implemented.

    China National Arts & Crafts (Group) Corporation always takes human resource as the primary task of enterprise operation management, the company development shall be driven by the staff, and the personal development of staff requires the opportunity and development space provided by the company. The company will provide the staff with personal career planning, provide the staff with adequate opportunity and favorable conditions to realize personal value, create harmonious and appropriate environment for talent growth, build up the stage to give full play to the talent, let every employee give full play to their intelligence and wisdom, so as to develop with the enterprise. 

    According to the requirement of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, and industrial development characteristics of the group, the company focuses on cultivating the contributor representative with global outlook and strategic thinking, loyally safeguarding rights and interests of national assets, and guiding the enterprise to be better and stronger; accelerates the progress of cultivating professional and market-oriented operation management talent, promotes the rapid improvement of enterprise management innovation and operation management level; vigorously cultivates a Party mass worker team with good political quality and familiar with the production operation; actively introduces a R&D design talent team that can stand at the front of arts and crafts industry and new technology, new material development; tries to establish a talent team with professional level and strategic execution ability, and makes talent resource become the core competitiveness of the group.