Education and training

    Talent training is the foundation of talent resource ability construction, we shall conduct the activity of constructing “the learning enterprise”, “learning team” and “learning employee”, and constantly improve the comprehensive quality and performance ability of various talents.

    We shall train a batch of high-level talents that conform to international standard, know hi-tech technology and advanced management experience, focus on the training of upgrading knowledge, focus on knowledge economy, modern operation management, financial management, computer application and other new theory and new method; focus on the training of young cadre reserve, select and assign the backbone talent of the enterprise to the central Party school of SASAC, national administration college, national accounting college, etc., so as to improve the leadership and cultivate interdisciplinary talent. 

    We shall establish a set of scientific and practical training system as soon as possible, separately train the talents of different levels, and try to establish the continued education mechanism and lifelong learning system.